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THE BIG BREAKFAST SHOW Sunday - Thursday from 7:00 - 10:00
25 Nostalgic Things That Only Kids From the ’90s Will Understand
25. Social networks looked like this:
24. Shoes were a torture device.
23. When you forgot to feed your Tamagotchi and it died.
22. When you were the first to get a computer:
21. When you were promised a Sega for your birthday but got this instead
20. All the margins of your notebook were covered with secret signs.
19. And a 3D image looked like this:
18. Your stylish haircut looked like a hairdresser’s mistake.
17. You knew what the most painful moment was.
16. Yeah, you knew everything about pain.
15. This could keep you entertained for hours:
14. You know the relationship between a cassette tape and a pencil.
13. Your parents dressed you only like this:
12. You knew the meaning of the word "treasure."
10. And the meaning of a "tormenting choice."
9. You also knew what willpower was.
8. Your personal spinner stuck to your hands, the floor, and your cat.
7. You knew what would make you the coolest person in your class.
6. You understand how frustrating this is:
5. You still have 100s of these:
4. And these:
3. You needed only 15 minutes to become an excellent graphic designer.
2. And a photographer as well.
1. And you were afraid to drop a cell phone on your foot.