THE BIG BREAKFAST SHOW Sunday - Thursday from 7:00 - 10:00
THE BIG BREAKFAST SHOW Sunday - Thursday from 7:00 - 10:00
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AMMAN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2017 Start Date: 23-04-2017       End Date: 26-04-2017 Start Time: 7:30 PM       End Time: 9:00 PM Place: Haya Cultural Center Facebook:

For the 6th year in a row!

Amman celebrates Jazz from the 23rd to the 26th of April with acts from around the world.

Main Stage performances @ Haya Cultural Center:

23 April: 
- Sjaella (Germany)
- Sinouj (Spain)

24 April: 
- Sonic Groove Society (Sweden/Lebanon)
- Manuel Rocheman Trio (France)

25 April:
- Filomena Campus Quartet (Italy)
- Shishani & Namibian Tales (The Netherlands)

26 April: 
- Ramz Sahuri (Jordan)
- Othman El Kheloufi (Morocco)

Online tickets available @

Offilne tickets available @ Turtle Green Tea Bar, Fann wa Chai, Jameeda Khanum and Abu Lughod House of Optics

Jazz UP your April!


Yacoub Shaheen Start Date: 13-05-2017       End Date: 13-05-2017 Start Time: 6:00 PM       End Time: 8:00 PM Place: Arena Theatre (Al-Ahliyya Amman University) Facebook: Phone: 0797471747

Friends of Jordan Festivals in partnership with Promise Welfare Society proudly presents Yacoub Shaheen, Arab Idol Winner (2017) on the 13 th of May On the Arena Theatre (Al-Ahliyya Amman University) at 6 o’clock. Buy your tickets now! From Friends of Jordan Festivals Office (Zara Expo Building) or on

ICS Food Fair 2017 Start Date: 05-05-2017       End Date: 05-05-2017 Start Time: 10:30 AM       End Time: 4:00 PM Place: ICS: International Community School Facebook:

What is it? The Food Fair is a special day for the ICS community, when we celebrate the international nature of our school with a huge range of international food,culture and community spirit. It is a big event for our school and it is the most important fundraiser for the PSA’s charitable activities, the majority of which support our local community. Just as importantly the Food Fair is great fun for the whole family!

Amman Contemporary Dance Festival - #ACDF2017 Start Date: 19-04-2017       End Date: 28-04-2017 Start Time: 8:00 PM       End Time: 9:00 PM Place: The Royal Cultural Centre (RCC) Facebook:

The National Center for Culture & Arts (NCCA) of King Hussein Foundation is proud to host the 9th edition of the Amman Contemporary Dance Festival (ACDF) which falls in line with its mission to promote cultural exchange and enhance the theater and dance movements in Jordan.

In this year’s festival, held from 19-28 April at the Royal Cultural Centre, we have chosen to include renowned contemporary dance companies from Switzerland, Norway, Argentina, France, and Jordan in a variety of performances.


For tickets:

Neymar JR’s Five Start Date: 21-04-2017       End Date: 03-05-2017 Start Time: 3:00 PM       End Time: 4:00 PM Place: Amman Facebook:

1.      Neymar Jrs Five  is a football 5 vs 5 tournament with special rules.

2.      Red Bull Jordan is giving the chance to a Jordanian team that will represent Jordan in the world final in Brazil.

3.      There will be 8 Qualifiers through Jordan as shown in the attached.

4.      The national final will be in 5/5/2017 At gallery Ras Al A’ien.

5.      The winner team will meet Neymar during the world final in brazil.

6.      Each team can register form 5 players to 7 players. (5 starters and 2 substitutes)

7.      5 of the participants should be from 16 to 25 and 2 players can be over 25.

8.      Each team that receives a goal one of the their players leaves the field.

9.      The game ends when the team losses all their 5 players or after 10 minutes

10.   There is no goal keeper

11.   In the case of a draw their will be penalties without goal keeper.

12.   You can win when you have more players in the field after 10 mins  or when you eliminate all your opponents.


For more info and registration visit: